What We Do

At Ackland Sports Medicine, we truly consider workers “industrial athletes”. We stress prevention of injuries through proper conditioning and preparation of the employee as he/she begins each workday. We provide rapid evaluation and assessment of injuries/illnesses and aggressive treatment and rehabilitation to ensure expeditious and safe return of the workers to the work sites.

Dr. Ackland is committed to providing personalized and expert surgical care to his patients. Non-surgical treatment is emphasized first. However, if surgery is deemed necessary, procedures are performed with the latest technology and the highest quality inpatient and outpatient surgical services.

Ackland Sports Medicine has locations throught out Massachusetts. You may have your surgery at New England Baptist Hospital Surgical Center or Eastern Massachusetts Surgical Center. New England Baptist Hospital offers nationally recognized expertise in orthopedic surgery. We also offer surgery at several outpatient surgery centers. Wherever you choose, you can trust the highly skilled and experienced professionals as well as the latest technology.

Dr. Ackland specializes in arthroscopic recontruction of the shoulder and knee, with emphasis on revision arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder. Revision surgery of the shoulder requires a careful assessment, review of previous records and surgeries, and a thorough understanding by the patient of what can and cannot be accomplished. This is one of the most difficult arthroscopic procedures to perform and patients come to see Dr. Ackland from all around the world.

Arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder includes rotator cuff repair, Bankhart repair for shoulder instability, shoulder decompression, and other complex procedures. The most common revision surgery that Dr. Ackland performs is failed rotator cuff repair.

Dr. Ackland also performs Genzyme cartilage transplant for the knee at New England Baptist Hospital.

When you are injured, you want the best care possible. Ackland Sports Medicine provides care at state-of-the-art facilities with expert trainining, and a high dedication to excellence without compromise. Dr. Ackland prides himself on providing high quality care to each and every patient.

Your diagnosis and treatment plan will be carefully explained to you. We firmly believe that if you are a fully informed patient, you will be an active participant in your own care.